Work and Product Portfolio Management

Easily manage your Units of work – tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints, epics, programs, portfolios – tailored to your WBS using your preferred approach – SDLC or Agile – all in one place.

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Track your projects
across the enterprise.

Work and Product Portfolio Management enables you to effectively prioritize and govern your IT units of works such as tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints or epics rolling up to your portfolios tailored to your needs. Quickly integrate the demand for new work across the enterprise with available resources and funding and align them with established strategic initiatives. Track and govern your work health against established indicators (KPI) such as cost, risk, and value.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Establish adaptive plans and options to execute your strategic initiatives to meet enterprise business objectives.

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Strategy Execution Management

Enable continuous strategy execution plans that effectively adapt and align to dynamic business conditions and objectives.

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Digital initiatives require establishment of current and target state views of architecture reference models. EOS ITPM helps enhance the value derived from these enterprise architecture models so they become actionable, fact-based artifacts to guide transformation of your IT products and portfolios aligned with strategic objectives.


EOS ITPM enables the prioritization of work items for the PMO team tailored to the needs of their respective portfolios using any desired work methodology. It provides aggregated and integrated governance capabilities to the PMO team to continuously monitor the health of their work planning items.

  • Stay aligned with business outcomes.

    Through fact-based planning, rapid reprioritization, and dynamic reallocation of funds and resources in EOS ITPM, ensure continuous alignment with strategic objectives against a backdrop of constant business uncertainties and shifting business conditions.

  • Optimize your resource capacity and investment utilization.

    Through capacity planning, scenario modeling, funding models, and allocation at different levels of your work and hierarchy tailored to your process in EOS ITPM maximize the return on investments and resources across your portfolios.

  • Mitigate project risks and costly budget and time misses.

    Leverage real-time visibility into projects and products across portfolios in EOS ITPM to continuously monitor work execution health, proactively identify issues and take actionable measures to reduce costly delays.

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