Application Portfolio Management

Rationalize, simplify, govern, and transform your applications portfolio for the digital age

Achieve a holistic view of your application portfolio

APM allows enterprises to establish a robust integrated application portfolio. The solution enables your applications portfolio to become the cornerstone for a variety of IT initiatives such as Application Rationalization, Business Transformation, IT Simplification and IT Governance.


Enables rapid enrichment of your application portfolio data with characterization by demographics, ownership, operations, cost, risk, business fit, technical fit and value.

Helps establish inter-linkages to other asset classes: projects, architecture reference models, standards, technologies and infrastructure.

Helps establish the foundation for impactful, demand side initiatives such as Application Rationalization, IT Simplification or Business Transformation via powerful, hierarchical dashboards and planning boards.

Value + Benefits

  • Empirical, robust, auditable governance of your IT application baselines against variety of stakeholder needs such as IT risk, compliance, strategy or cost management.
  • Proactive, visual, easy to communicate transition plans for your application portfolios to drive efficiency.
  • Accelerated, insightful, actionable guidance and insights to identify opportunities for cost savings or business value generation.

“EOS Software best met our needs and was highly impressive with their ability to identify reasons why we might implement one way over another, allowing us to avoid long-term pitfalls in how we considered approaching application portfolio management.”

–Practice Advisory, $30B Government Department

Platform Benefits

All-in-One Platform

One solution and UX for application, project, enterprise architecture, technology, & vendor portfolio management. Align and Map your applications to business capabilities, projects and technologies

Easy to Use & Configure

Trusted by over hundreds of thousands of users! Intuitive, easy to use UI allows both business and IT users to gain value immediately – no training required!

Flexible Deployment, Fast Time to Value

Available as software or SaaS. Rapidly establish your apps inventory from scratch or make changes in bulk by uploading your spreadsheets for thousands of applications at once.


Out of the box, visual dashboards for cost, risk, and value to help manage to KPIs and discover insights

Hierarchical Roadmaps and Radar Maps

N-layered roadmaps show cost, effort, dependencies and timelines at a glance. Multi dimensional radar maps to illustrate asset groups by any indicator

Business Outcome Planning Views

Organize and analyze projects, applications, user groups, capabilities based on key business objectives or IT initiatives

Enterprise Integrations

Out of the box integrations with Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow and over 70 other enterprise applications

Notifications & Approvals

Automatically get notifications throughout the approval workflow or upcoming certifications

Reporting &Export

Create custom reports and export any data in CSV, PDF, and PNG.

Governed Workflows

Enable tailored workflows to manage your application lifecycle including creation, cloning, retirements, certifications, tranfers or any governed updates

Invite, Follow, Tag & Comment

Interact with your team by inviting, following, tagging and commenting on any asset


Integrate with any application or dataset within your company using our open REST-API