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We create sustainable IT portfolio plans for the world’s largest enterprises

Companies around the world trust EOS Software to quickly and easily create sustainable IT portfolio plans. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the feedback from our customers.

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$3B Global Manufacturing Company


Application Visibility & Rationalization: As the company moved from on-premise software to cloud platforms, the company needed to rapidly establish a plan to eliminate 20% applications from its portfolio and application portfolio spend by 30%.

Technology Risk Reduction: Company wanted to prioritize risks associated with regulated applications, such as those supporting SOX compliance, reduce technology redundancy, and identify applications that were dependant on technologies to be EOL by the end of next year.


All Applications Rationalized
Deployed in less than 3 months, the company gained visibility of their application portfolio, eliminated 25% applications from its portfolio and reduced licensing costs by 35%.

Reduced Risk of Technology
The company rapidly measured risks of all regulated applications, reduced technology redundancies by 50% and identified all dependent applications during their move to cloud infrastructure.

Large Pharmaceutical Company with 30k+ Employees


Manual Processes: Previously, the company had a highly manual process using spreadsheets that were emailed to department leaders. To analyze and present findings to management, the company paid several consultants to load and maintain data and create presentation material

Difficult User Experience: The company’s previous technology was shallow with respect to functionality and was difficult for business and IT leaders to use.


Simplified Workflow
With EOS Software, the company was able to simplify and automate workflows and remove the additional step for consultants to analyze and generate visualizations — it was all in the EOS ITPM Platform which became the single source of truth for the global IT portfolio.

Easy to Use for IT and Business Users
The solution was easy to use with little training required. In fact, it was so easy to use that other departments use the Platform directly (i.e., self-service) so that they keep their own portfolios up to date themselves and don’t rely on IT.

Fast Time-to-Value
The solution was installed and configured within just 2 months.

Large Healthcare Provider


No Executive-Level Visibility: The company had no visibility for C-level executives on the status and health of the projects.

No View of Business Outcomes: The company had multiple agile teams with no ability to determine if teams are meeting the business outcomes of the company.

Manual and Complex Time Tracking: Their time tracking and approval process was complex and arcane, leading to inefficiencies and misreporting.


Executive Visibility
Executives now have real-time reporting and complete visibility into projects across the globe with alignment on business needs. Business has visibility on progress, budgets, and areas that need immediate attention

Aligned Projects with Business Outcomes
Total alignment of multiple agile teams as well as visibility and tracking of business outcomes. Now, Projects roll up to Programs which roll up to Portfolios and social collaboration and tracking projects of interest established

Easy Time Tracking
Company created an easy to use a timecard system aligned to EOS’ model of Project -> Task -> Subtask.

Companies around the world trust EOS Software to quickly and easily create sustainable IT portfolio plans. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the feedback from our customers.

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