Strategy Execution Management

Enable continuous strategy execution plans that effectively adapt and align to dynamic business conditions and objectives.

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Optimize your investment options based on your strategic goals.

Strategy Execution Management helps enterprises create and manage adaptive plans and options for work execution. Adjust and prioritize your plans dynamically to address fast changing business conditions. Establish strategic initiatives and track the value of work being delivered to meet those initiatives by linking them to business goals and objectives. Perform what-if scenario modeling to identify alternatives and select the best course action to deliver business outcomes with finite resources.

Work and Product Porfolio Management

Easily manage your IT Units of work – tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints, epics, programs, portfolios – tailored to your WBS using your preferred approach – SDLC or Agile – all in one place.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

Establish adaptive plans and options to execute your strategic initiatives to meet enterprise business objectives.

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Aligning work execution plans with objectives and business outcomes is challenging. The plans have to align with intent across organizational silos and enterprise personas.


Strategic realization officers can set plans and monitor the organization’s progress toward their goals with the help of EOS ITPM’s Strategy Execution Management system. It allows businesses to track value creation, ensure that their plans align with their objectives, and make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired business outcomes.

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