Strategic Portfolio Management

Establish adaptive plans and options to execute your strategic initiatives to meet enterprise business objectives.

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The foundation for business technology optimization.

Unified platform for Strategy Officers, Program Managers, Enterprise Architects, and Product Managers to achieve strategy realization across the integrated portfolio.

Work and Product Portfolio Managment

Easily manage your IT Units of work – tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints, epics, programs, portfolios – tailored to your WBS using your preferred approach – SDLC or Agile – all in one place.

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Strategy Execution Management

Enable continuous strategy execution plans that effectively adapt and align to dynamic business conditions and objectives.

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Aligning work execution plans with objectives and business outcomes is challenging. The plans have to align with intent across organizational silos and enterprise personas.

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    Decompose Work and Plan Increments

    Accelerate product-centric work orchestration via decomposed work plans tailored to your work methodology and governance models.

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    Monitor Work Execution

    Establish dynamic funding models and resource plans leveraging multiple capacity planning models and fusion of class SDLC with Agile practices.

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    Analyze and Adapt

    Enable real-time, interactive visibility and oversight of your strategic initiatives, programs, capabilities, products, and services.


Disruptive business conditions, multi-methodology work approaches, a shift to product-centric funding models, and the necessity to transform the underlying architecture, application, and technology portfolios present enterprises with diverse challenges. EOS ITPM SPM presents a unified platform for organizations to manage, align, adjust, and optimize their portfolios to achieve desired business outcomes in the face of these challenges.

  • strategy officers

    Strategy officers and business planning managers can establish business objectives, OKRs, and transformation initiatives in EOS ITPM.

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  • program managers

    Program managers can leverage EOS ITPM to model alternative scenarios to achieve optimal work decomposition plans aligned with strategic objectives.

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  • product managers

    Product managers can visualize in EOS ITPM how their agile work streams align with strategic initiatives and facilitate transforming underlying platforms.

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  • enterprise architects

    EOS ITPM helps you focus on products by considering business and architecture contexts such as capabilities, strategic objectives, and product groups.

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    EOS ITPM Software delivers a holistic view across CIO’s IT estate and enables them to manage IT like a business, driving towards the highest value and lowest cost and risk.
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Let us show you how to optimize your enterprise.

Request a demo from one of our optimization experts and let us how you how our Unified Strategic Portfolio Management is made for you.

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