Vendor Portfolio Management

Manage, assess and monitor your Vendors and Contracts integrated with your IT landscape.

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Manage all of your
vendors in one place.

VPM enables enterprises to establish a robust, comprehensive vendor portfolio spanning across business and technology domains. The solution accords benefits to several departments within the organization, spanning from IT Procurement divisions to drive their assessments, requests, spend and categorization aligned to business strategy (leveraging SPM) to EA teams wanting to understand the overlaps by capabilities to cost teams who want to achieve cost transparency and spend by vendor (leveraging EA).

Strategic Portfolio Management

Establish adaptive plans and options to execute your strategic initiatives to meet enterprise business objectives.

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Enterprise Architecture

Make better decisions faster for managing and delivering your IT initiatives by leveraging an integrated view of your IT estate.

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Digital initiatives require establishment of current and target state views of architecture reference models. EOS ITPM helps enhance the value derived from these enterprise architecture models so they become actionable, fact-based artifacts to guide transformation of your IT products and portfolios aligned with strategic objectives.


EOS ITPM allows enterprises to establish a robust portfolio of vendors and contracts integrated with other assets of your IT landscape. The solution enables your vendor portfolio to become the cornerstone for various initiatives, such as optimizing vendor spend against business objectives, vendor consolidation, and vendor capability overlap analysis.

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