EOS Software - Strategic Portfolio Management

EOS Software helps Strategy Realization Officers, Program Managers, Enterprise Architects, and Agile Planners to define, sustain, plan and share their strategic, work, architecture, and IT portfolios.

EOS ITPM’s simple, tailored experience on top of a robust, integrated portfolio of Business and IT assets enables these leaders to achieve strategy realization and alignment across the integrated portfolio.

Unified platform for Strategic Portfolio Management

Disruptive business conditions, multi-methodology work approaches, a shift to product-centric funding models, and the necessity to transform the underlying architecture present enterprises with a diverse set of challenges.

Global 500 companies use our EOS ITPM platform to manage, align, and adjust their portfolios to achieve desired business outcomes in the face of these challenges.


Benefits for the Entire Enterprise

Chief Information Officers

For CIOs, EOS ITPM delivers sustainable insights via data-driven platform that has fast time-to-value, is simple to use, and easily integrates with existing single-purpose solutions.

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Strategy Realization Officers

EOS ITPM enables strategy realization officers to continuously adapt and course-correct their transformation initiatives to address business unpredictability.

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Program Managers

Program managers can leverage EOS ITPM to model alternative scenarios to achieve optimal work decomposition plans aligned with strategic objectives.

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Enterprise Architects

With EOS ITPM, you can guide your enterprise to a product-centric focus oriented by business and architecture contexts such as capabilities, strategic objectives, and product groups.

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Agile Planners

Agile planners can visualize in EOS ITPM how their agile work streams align with strategic initiatives and facilitate the transformation of underlying platforms.

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