Technology Portfolio Management

Manage, assess, remediate and continuously align your portfolio of technology standards, products and versions across your enterprise.

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Manage all of your
technology lifecycles in one place.

TPM allows you to establish your technology products and versions aligned against your technology standards and reference models. The solution enables you to assess your technical debt, its impact on the underlying business architecture (Enterprise Architecture Management) and applications (Application Portfolio Management) and establish and plan your currency remediation plans across the enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Make better decisions faster for managing and delivering your IT initiatives by leveraging an integrated view of your IT estate.

Application Portfolio Management

Rationalize, simplify, govern, and transform your applications portfolio for the digital age.

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Digital initiatives require establishment of current and target state views of architecture reference models. EOS ITPM helps enhance the value derived from these enterprise architecture models so they become actionable, fact-based artifacts to guide transformation of your IT products and portfolios aligned with strategic objectives.

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    Establish the baseline to plan and execute Integrated IT Currency Remediation

    By providing out-of-the-box assessment toolkits based on industry-standard best practices for cloud transformation, application disposition stratification, and business impact analysis, EOS ITPM accelerates the transformation of your application portfolio by identifying redundant functionalities and best-fit applications.

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    Orchestrate and manage IT Currency migration initiatives

    EOS ITPM currency planning provides CIOs with the planning backbone to orchestrate a phased, organized, and effective rollout of their currency migrations. A roadmap view of currency transitions illustrates a sequence of transitions leading towards an orchestrated and planned phase-out of a technology.

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    Enable a robust workbench of technology products and versions

    Technology stewards can manage a robust workbench of products and associated versions with internal and vendor lifecycle profiles and related vendors. The platform provides out-of-the-box features such as automated verification reminders, data quality checks, and data-driven alerts to enhance the governance of your technology portfolio.


Enterprises can leverage EOS ITPM to establish a robust integrated portfolio of standards, domains, products, and versions. The solution enables your technology portfolio to become the foundation for IT initiatives such as standards alignment, lifecycle governance, and currency remediation.

  • Understand business impacts and dependencies for your technologies

    Dynamic interaction with the unified technology catalog with the ability to filter by multiple perspectives over a large variety of visualization metaphors (such as dashboards, roadmaps, heatmaps, boards) in EOS ITPM makes it easier to understand dependencies with enterprise architecture, application portfolio, and strategy execution.

  • Mitigate risks of obsolete technology on business outcomes

    Powerful technical debt views communicated via various dashboards and planning boards in EOS ITPM make it easier to track technical debt and justify funding for remediation plans based on impact on strategic business outcomes.

  • Enhance the quality of IT solutions

    Ensuring continuous alignment of solution design initiatives with technology standards and guidelines in EOS ITPM reduces IT risk and complexity and promotes reusability of best practices that strengthen the quality of these initiatives.

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