Technology Portfolio Management

Manage, assess, remediate and continuously align your portfolio of technology standards, products and versions across your enterprise

Manage all of your technology lifecycles in one place

TPM allows you to establish your technology products and versions aligned against your technology standards and reference models. The solution enables you to assess your technical debt and establish and plan your currency remediation plans across the enterprise.


Enables rapid establishment of your technology products and version data including support for multiple lifecycles alongside your technology standards and technology reference models.

Integrates with other sources of information such as your PPM, APM, CMDB and global technology catalogs.

Enables establishment of powerful hierarchical roadmaps and remedial plans to address technology currency refresh.

Value + Benefits

  • Proactive governance and monitoring of your technology currency baselines and standards via hierarchical roadmaps across multiple lifecycle views.
  • Powerful, technical debt views communicated variety of dashboards and planning boards that make it easier to justify remediation plans.
  • Ensures continuous alignment with technology standards and guidelines to reduce IT risk and complexity and promote reusability of best practices.

“We have been able to launch this tool rapidly and incrementally across diverse user base consolidating multiple types of IT baselines such as applications, technologies, business capabilities, integrations, servers, and projects.”

–IT Director, $30B Manufacturing Company

Platform Benefits

All-in-One Platform

One solution and UX for technology products, standards, versions, capabilites, applications, & vendors. Understand the risk of outdated technologies on your applications, projects and capabilities.

Easy to Use & Configure

Intuitive, easy to use UI allows both business and IT users to gain value immediately – no training required! Trusted by over hundreds of thousands of users!

Flexible Deployment, Fast time to value

Available as software or SaaS. Rapidly establish your tech inventory from scratch or make changes in bulk by uploading your spreadsheets for thousands of technologies at once or integrate us with your CMDB.


Out of the box, visual dashboards for cost, risk, and value to help manage to KPIs and discover insights.

Hierarchical Tech Roadmaps and Tech Radar Maps

N-layered roadmaps show internal lifecycles, vendor lifecycles, dependencies and timelines at a glance. Multi dimensional tech radar maps to illustrate tech groups by indicators such as maturity levels.

Tech Remediation Plans

Align and track the progress of your technology remediation plans for upcoming N-1/2/3 technology obsolescence.

Enterprise Integrations

Out of the box integrations with ServiceNow, Global Technology Catalogs, JIRA and over 70 other enterprise applications.

Notifications & Approvals

Automatically get notifications for upcoming technology retirements or certifications.

Reporting & Export

Create custom reports and export any data in CSV, PDF, and PNG

Governed Workflows

Enable tailored workflows to manage your technology products, versions or standards including creating, cloning or governed updates.

Invite, Follow, Tag & Comment

Interact with your team by inviting, following, tagging and commenting on any asset


Integrate with any application or dataset within your company using our open REST-API