Strategy Execution Management

Enable sustainable strategic IT planning and execution

Easily link IT initiatives to strategic goals

SEM helps enterprises to establish tailored strategic planning units within which they can plan and communicate the progress and performance of variety of strategic guidance measures such as goals, objectives and outcomes in conjunction with their investment plans, organizations, applications, capabilities or technologies. The solution enables stakeholders to develop sustainable strategic plans that link top down goals, objectives and metrics to underlying initiatives and IT assets being leveraged to execute those plans.


Hierarchical, top-down, indicator driven, interactive roadmaps and planning boards to visualize, sustain, and communicate your strategic plans.

Powerful model that allows for top-down decomposition and bottoms-up aggregation of data across your strategic planning units by a variety of cost, risk and value perspectives.

Integrate via APIs with actual sources of IT execution data to enable continuous monitoring of current state and comparing against aspirational, target state markers.

Value + Benefits

  • Enable fact-based, sustainable, and strategic digital transformation plans.
  • Proactively identify gaps, risks, funding challenges or overall health from an operational perspective to assess the impact from a strategic perspective.
  • Enable engagement and collaboration across business and IT stakeholders by the virtue of enabling powerful, transparent insights into the operational and strategic aspects of the planning units.

“A great product that delivers value at all hierarchical levels of the CIO.”

–IT Strategy Transformation, $30B+ Finance Company

Platform Benefits

All-in-One Platform

One solution and UX to capture your business outcomes, goals, value streams and strategies and link them to digital products, applications, investments and capabilities

Easy to Use & Configure

Trusted by over hundreds of thousands of users! Intuitive, easy to use UI allows both business and IT users to gain value immediately – no training required!

Flexible Deployment, Fast Time to Value

Available as software or SaaS. Rapidly establish your Strategic Plans from scratch or make changes in bulk by uploading your spreadsheets for goals, objectives, outcomes, investments, apps and capabilities all at once.


Out of the box, visual dashboards for monitoring and comparing your digital plans and strategies by cost, risk and value

Hierarchical Roadmaps and Radar Maps

N-layered roadmaps that map aligning, provisioning and impact of underlying apps, capabilities, technologies and investments to strategy elements such as outcomes, goals and objectives. Multi dimensional radar maps to capture strategy clusters by different indicators.

Business Outcome Planning Views

Organize and analyze projects, applications, user groups, capabilities based on key business outcomes, goals and objectives.

Enterprise Integrations

Out of the box integrations with over 70 other enterprise applications such as HR, Agile Management and CMDB systems.

Notifications & Approvals

Automatically get notifications for any key data changes or critical milestones on your strategic plans.

Reporting & Export

Create custom reports and export any data in CSV, PDF, and PNG

Governed Workflows

Enable tailored workflows to manage and approve your strategic including any governed changes or updates.

Invite, Follow, Tag & Comment

Interact with your team by inviting, following, tagging and commenting on any elemennt of your strategy execution plans.


Integrate with any application or dataset within your company using our open REST-API