Work and Product Portfolio Management

Easily manage your IT Units of work - tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints, epics, programs, portfolios - tailored to your WBS using your preferred approach - SDLC or Agile - all in one place.

Track your projects across the enterprise

PPM enables you to effectively prioritize and govern your IT units of works such as tasks, projects, programs, stories, sprints or epics rolling up to your portfolios tailored to your needs. It enables your enterprise to integrate the demand for new projects with available resources and funding. You can track and govern project health against established indicators such as cost, risk, and value.


Enables you to capture and align your work intake against your contextualized prioritization criteria supporting bi modal IT constructs – Agile or SDLC – from a single unified foundation.

Resource allocation, utilization monitoring, and capacity baseline management across multiple levels of your work structures and organization hierarchies.

Powerful top-down and bottoms-up planning dashboards delivered via a contextual, immersive experience to measure the performance of your work portfolios, projects and programs.

Value + Benefits

  • Alignment of work execution with business strategy and priority to ensure optimized spend of your budget.
  • Effective utilization of your precious resources.
  • Informed decision making and proactive planning to mitigate project risks and costly budget and time misses.

“EOS Software delivers on their promises. Our first implementation was in production in 1 month!”

–PPM, $3B Finance Company

Platform Benefits

All-in-One Platform

One solution and UX for managing your portfolios, programs and projects and linking them to your applications, products, capabilities and technologies.

Easy to Use & Configure

Trusted by over hundreds of thousands of users! Intuitive, easy to use UI allows both business and IT users to gain value immediately – no training required!

Flexible Deployment, Fast time to value

Available as software or SaaS. Upload your ideas, intakes, projects and resource requests across thousands of items at once.


Out of the box, visual dashboards for cost, risk, and value to help manage to KPIs at enterprise and portfolio levels

Timeline, Roadmaps & Kanban Boards

Gantt timelines and roadmaps mapped to your hierarchical work structures with cost, status and value indicators. Kanban Boards to track and monitor bi-modal work streams.

Resource Planning and Utilization

Manage your resource pools, track resource requests, allocate resources and monitor resource utilizations from a unified foundation.

Enterprise Integrations

Out of the box integrations with resource and agile systems such as Workday, JIRA and over 70 other enterprise applications

Notifications & Approvals

Automatically get notifications for intake submissions, project approvals, status reports, resource requests or any other changes.

Reporting &Export

Create status reports and export any data in CSV, PDF, and PNG.

Governed Workflows

Enable tailored workflows to manage, prioritize and approve your intakes, resource requests and project lifecycle changes.

Invite, Follow, Tag & Comment

Interact with your team by inviting, following, tagging and commenting on any asset


Integrate with any application or dataset within your company using our open REST-API