Business Technology Cost Management

Enable business technology cost transparency and optimization

Overlay your entire portfolio with cost metrics

BTCM establishes visibility into cost data spread across different IT silos. It delivers a common, unified costing view which allows organizations to harmonize and align the cost across their IT portfolios vis-a-vis enterprise level strategic objectives.


Robust, industrial strength cost model allows your organization to gather costing data based on allocation and utilization models tailored to their needs.

Powerful integration architecture provides your enterprise with the flexibility to aggregate data from multiple sources such as GLs, existing spreadsheets or homegrown systems.

Contextual insights delivered to stakeholders using top-down or bottoms-up aggregated dashboards.

Value + Benefits

  • Establishes the backbone for fact based business-IT relationship platform wherein business partners can appreciate the cost-benefit perspectives of their IT investments.
  • Enables cost data to be integrated with various other asset perspectives such as asset risk positions or business importance to further help inform the cost spend decision.
  • Enables cost data to be leveraged in variety of tactical and strategic scenarios thereby ensuring that cost (along with risk and value) becomes a critical factor to measure the effectiveness, impact and benefit of any IT change and decision.

“EOS has market-leading experience in IT Portfolio Management: value, desired outcomes, cross asset views and insights that drive innovative for optimal business decisions.”

–EA Director, $500M Finance Company

Platform Benefits

All-in-One Platform

One solution and UX for capturing your cost categories, contracts, vendors, cross portfolio asset foundation and associated allocation models

Easy to Use & Configure

Trusted by over hundreds of thousands of users! Intuitive, easy to use UI allows both business and IT users to gain value immediately – no training required!

Flexible Deployment, Fast Time to Value

Available as software or SaaS. Rapidly establish your cost items and contracts from scratch or make changes in bulk by uploading your cost spreadsheets for thousands of cost items and contracts at once or integrate with your GL.


Out of the box, visual dashboards to illustrate cost transparency by portfolios, services, app groups, resource towers or business strategy.


Leverage heatmaps to highlight cost mis-alignment or spend thresholds across your capabilities, portfolios and strategies.

Business Outcome Cost Boards

Aggregate and roll up your cost details by business outcomes or operating model boards

Enterprise Integrations

Out of the box integrations with Slack, CMDB, Procurement systems, GL, HR and over 70 other enterprise applications

Notifications & Alerts

Automatically get notifications whenever user defined cost thresholds are exceeded or cost related items undergo lifecycle changes such as contract renewals or expirations.

Reporting & Export

Create custom reports and export any data in CSV, PDF, and PNG

Governed Workflows

Enable tailored workflows to manage your cost allocation decisions and contract lifecycle including creation, cloning, retirements, certifications, renewals or any governed updates.

Invite, Follow, Tag & Comment

Interact with your team by inviting, following, tagging and commenting on any cost allocation decision.


Integrate with any application or dataset within your company using our open REST-API