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Welcome to the New Website!


As both business professionals and consumers, we leverage the power of technology advances every day. We pay bills on our mobile phones. We change the thermostat from our tablets. Even our kids email their teachers and do their school work on laptops and iPads.

We may take some of this convenience for granted (I know my kids do!), but there is an incredible amount of IT investment, resources, development, and technological complexity continually managed by the B2B and B2C companies providing these conveniences.

This “portfolio” of technology isn’t standing still. It’s constantly evolving. It’s always transforming. Factors such as digital transformation, disruptive innovation, changing business models, security breaches, regulatory compliance, and hybrid architecture initiatives add an incredible level of complexity and risk to a company’s IT strategy and plan. If companies don’t manage all that well, you might as well throw your mobile phone in the trash.

That’s where EOS Software comes in. Our IT Portfolio Management Platform helps companies of all sizes gain visibility of and manage the incredible complexity of IT. It becomes the single source of truth for the status of all the technologies and resources utilized as well as for tracking the real business results (i.e., the bottom line). In the end, our customers create an enterprise-wide, sustainable IT plan and their CIOs become CEOs of IT.

Today, I’m happy to announce the new It’s got a new look, new blog, and lots of informative content. Rest assured, our company is steadfast in the goal of providing the best IT portfolio management solution in the market. But don’t just take our word for it – listen to our customers. I hope you’ll visit us over and over again to learn more about us and about the IT portfolio management industry as a whole.

We can’t imagine a life without technology inextricably linked to our daily lives. And we can’t imagine a business without the best IT portfolio management software to manage it all.

Welcome to the new! We look forward to meeting you.